Blue Peach enables embedded devices to seamlessly share files with desktop and server systems. Blue Peach has developed our revolutionary Blue Share software that provides CIFS and SMB protocol stacks and file system APIs so that any system can share files with Windows and Samba systems. We offer client and server access with Blue Share so devices can export native file systems to the network and can access files resident on external network shares.
Blue Share is now available with a JNI layer supporting the JDK 1.5. Easily migrate any Java File application to a network aware application. Blue Share's JNI layer extends the standard classes so that existing applications simply need to instantiate Blue Share files and use them as they would any file to transparently obtain full network file access.

The Blue Share stack for Java does not require any configuration and is set up to 'plug' and 'play' on the network. For advanced features, a very simple management API is provided.

See the APIs available to Java Applications here. (
Along with our Java support, Blue Share is now available for Android devices. Blue Share's JNI layer is fully compatible with Android devices allowing for easy integration into mobile applications. The Blue Share JNI Library for Android does not require the device to be rooted and can perform all client functions using non-privileged ports. This is key in enabling robust file sharing for supported applications.

Blue Share on Android supports both WiFi and 3G/4G interfaces simultaneously so LAN and WAN file servers can be seamlessly accessed.


Blue Share supports Secure Authentication through NTLM and Active Directory along with guest and anonymous authentication. Blue Share Clients and Blue Share Server Sessions can run in their own address space with their own credentials allowing Blue Share to be deployed in enterprise environments.


Blue Share is optimized to provide greater throughput and less overhead then the native platform file sharing stacks. Blue Share is non-blocking, provides synchronous and asynchronous I/O, and minimizes data copies across components allowing for efficient data streaming.
Blue Share is a unique product with an ultra-small footprint, enterprise class features such as Active Directory and secure authentication support, high throughput, extremely easy ports, real-mode and protected-mode capabilities, and many other features not found in any other file sharing product. Blue Share contains no GPL code and is unencumbered by any third party licenses.

Blue Peach provides flexible license terms, attentive support, expert customization and integration services, and full featured evaluation software. Contact us today and learn how Blue Peach can differentiate your products in any market.