Blue Share is designed as a portable platform independent package. Blue Share provides abstractions for all RTOS constructs it depends on and is written with a minimum of external dependencies. All software is written in ANSI-C, supports both big and little endian, and is easily targeted across compilers.

Blue Share is a multi-homed stack. This allows clients or servers to maintain a presence on one or more networks. Name Lookup, and Network Browsing can be performed on all networks accessible to the target.

Blue Share has been ported to many desktop, server, and realtime operating systems. We are continually adding new platforms so ask us about your platform.
Blue Share has also been added to leading build and interactive development environments. Let us know if you use a different environment.
These development environments include GNU Make, Apple XCode, Eclipse, and Microsoft Visual Studio.
Windows, Windows Vista, Windows CE, and Microsoft Visual Studio are copyrights of Microsoft Corporation. Nucleus is a copyright of Mentor Graphics. Mac OS X and XCode are copyrights of Apple Corporation. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. ThreadX is a registered trademark of Express Logic. The Eclipse logo is a copyright of the Eclipse Foundation.