Blue Name provides the NetBIOS support required for certain features of LAN Manager. Although the CIFS transport does not require NetBIOS, NetBIOS is required for the browse service as well as name resolution for CIFS clients on the network. Blue Peach's view of user expectation is that a network client will be able to browse the 'Windows Workgroup' on a PC and see all Blue Share servers on the network and that a Blue Share client will be able to present an interface to a user where a Windows Server can be seen and browsed. This functionality requires NetBIOS.

The Blue Name NetBIOS Service provides three levels of functionality: Name Service, Datagram Service and Session Service. The Name Service provides name registration and lookup. This can be done in one of four modes: Broadcast (B-Mode), Peer (P-Mode), Mixed (M-Mode), or Hybrid (H-Mode). Broadcast supports Name Registration on LANs through broadcast packets. Peer supports routable name registration using WINS servers, Mixed and Hybrid combine both broadcast and peer modes bot with different precedence for each mode.

The NetBIOS Session service is one of two methods that CIFS can use to establish sessions between a client and server. Some CIFS services require the NetBIOS Session Service although basic file service can use direct TCP connections. Blue Share will always initiate sessions with direct TCP connections but will automatically fall back to NetBIOS connections if unsuccessful.

The NetBIOS Datagram service provides CIFS Datagram traffic over NetBIOS. LAN Manager Mailslots are implemented using NetBIOS datagrams and are required for network browsing and discovery.